When it comes to reinvention, electronic music producer Edouard knows it best. Having been part of the French Touch movement of the 90s, his previous project found itself an integral part of Europe’s burgeoning house music scene. Garnering praise among enthusiasts, the group inked a major label deal with BMG, received radio play and appeared on records alongside other French Touch artists such as Philippe Zdar, Etienne de Crécy and Alex Gopher. But as time went on and the landscape changed, he took on new roles: as a solo-exhibited photographer, art historian, engineer, manager in investment banking and even a student of six-time Grammy winner Gary Burton at the Berklee College of Music. “I’d like to think that I’ve had many lives,” he says.

So it should come as no surprise that he would reincarnate once again. His latest reinvention, Edouard, is an eponymous moniker given to his new electronic solo endeavor, an eclectic blend of Electro, Pop, Dance, House and other electronic styles, in which he is represented by an avatar visage, an artistic rendering that he made of his face.

Armed with electronic instruments and software, some of which he designed himself, he uses his collection of synths and modules to compose tracks that are fashioned for the current times, with a complementary focus on visual art. In addition to his own graphic work, he has asked world-renowned Filip Hodas, who made Equinoxe Infinity’s cover, to design some of his covers.

Inspired by French electronic music pioneers such as Daft Punk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Air, Justice, Laurent Garnier, Cassius, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, and Alex Gopher who was involved in the project as studio engineer, Edouard’s debut material will be released in the form of singles and an upcoming album. His first single Deja Vu is an energetic and upbeat electro-pop song; bridging his past musical venture to the present, it sees him reunite on the song with his former collaborator. His second single The Feel of Summer is even more pop and summery, with a hook that begs to be repeated in chorus. His third single is an electro cover of Jean‑Michel Jarre’s Chronology, Pt. 3, which was recently approved by the founding father of French Touch himself. A fourth song, Another World, that harks back to Kraftwerk and early Daft Punk, will be later released accompanied by a 3D animated music video.